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Reiki Classes

Chakra Health

The state of the chakras influences all of our organs, the skeleton, and the hormonal, digestive, circulatory, and nervous system–in short, the entire organism.

Chakra teaching asserts that behind every ailment lies a problem with the level or flow of energy and that this leads to a disturbance in the body\’s equilibrium.

Holistic healing approaches such as chakra-oriented therapy are not directed toward relieving illness– although that may be the initial reason we turn to them. For true healing to take place, the deeper reason for sickness must be addressed. The healing process entails not only the alleviation of symptoms but an inner freeing, a maturation that reestablishes a healthy equilibrium. As we know from the study of psychosomatic disorders, such complaints as stomach troubles, asthma, and high blood pressure are often connected to emotional conflicts. We are more susceptible to colds when we are stressed, and any one who is prone to allergies knows that they become aggravated when we are tense and irritable. When our spiritual growth is hindered and the energy transmitted by the chakras does not flow freely, it burdens our spirits,our minds, and ultimately our bodies. The basic problem is that energy is not circulating like it should be, and as a result the relationship with our higher self is lost.

To arrive at the true causes of our physical complaints, it is helpful to consider the different areas of the body that are governed by each of the chakras . By considering why you suffer from a particular illness, you can gain valuable insight. The concern with deeper causes of ill health always lead to increased self awareness.

**** please eat 2 hours prior to attending class