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Manifesting Kit


Our Delete All That Shit Manifesting Kit is designed to help you with the fresh start you deserve. Your kit will come with all the tools needed to delete all the programs your subconscious has created that is stopping you from living the life you deserve and desire and help you too manifest the life you desire.

Kits Contents:

Delete All That Shit Book ,Journal ,Manifesting Candle ,Abalone Shell, Floral Sage, Palo Santo, Manifesting Crystals, smudging Spell writing Feather, Dragons Blood Ink, Parchment Paper, 4 minute meditation guide, Manifesting Instruction.


How to Use 

First burn the palo Santo to cleanse the ritual area. Then burn the sage to call on the help of the ancestors.  next write down the life you desire most on the pace of parchment paper using the feather and the dragons blood ink. Light the candle recite what wrote light every night for 7 days straight.



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Creating the life you desire is right at your fingertips. Our manifesting kits were infused with the energy needed under a moon ceremony guided by the ancestors. Manifesting may be a little more complicated than you know. In order to properly manifest the life you want. You must make sure that there is nothing in the way of you getting what you desire.  The book located in this challenge teaches you how to discover if there is something that stand in the way of you and the life you desire.  By chance there is, the book inside also teaches you how to delete those thing out of your way.



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