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Healing Kits


Our healing Kit were created so the you can start your healing journey in the privacy of your own home. Our healing it comes with tools and information needed to heal


Healing infused Candle, Chakra Sage, Palo Santo, Abalone Shell, parchment paper, Journal, Healing Ritual Card, Healing Crystals, Smudging Feather, Dragons blood ink, $ minute meditation card and candle.

How to use 

Find a dedicated space in your home.  First burn  the the palo Santo to cleanse the area. Next burn the sage to call on the help of the ancestors. Every night for 7 nights light a white glass candle and sit and breath. Journey back into your life as far as you can go and write all the things you remember. You are not looking for anything in particular finding your triggers. Release all trauma but writing them on the parchment paper using the feather with the dragon blood ink. Write release on  all 4 sides of the parchment paper. place the healing candle I the center of the paper and allow the candle to burn for a whole overnight until gone.

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Seeking help can mean being vulnerable and that isn’t always easy.  Our healing kits were infused with healing through a moon ceremony guided by the ancestors.  Each kit is equipped with the tools you need to start your journey now! Healing is the key to growth and our kits are design to help you grow mentally, emotionally and spiritually.



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