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Anxiety Kit


Our Anxiety Kits  will help you to get back to a calm state and push through and get it done! the oil along with the tea will help to release stressor and put you in a calm but focused state so that you are able to still get your work done.


Anxiety Crystals, floral sage, Soul Mug, anxiety focus blend tea, palo Santo, wood fan, lemon grass oil, Smudging feather, Abalone shell, 4 minute meditation card.


How to use your Anxiety kit:

take few drops of lemon grass oil and sprinkle it on the from and back of the fan. When you start to feel an anxiety attack coming on take the fan and fan yourself


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Anxiety can stop you from moving forward with your dreams and goals. Our anxiety kit will help you to learn to push through. Each Kit is infused with a calming relaxed energy obtained during a moon ceremony guided by the ancestors.




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